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Rattling Creek Trails ~ video by SBA

(updated: Apr 7, 2012)

Give me your smooth trails, your flowy trails, your clean lines, and Rattling Creek will devour them, grind them up in it's rocky teeth, and then beat you to death with what remains. And yet, people will come back for more, and further yet, ride rigid steel singlespeeds over them.

In the December IMBA newsletter they mentioned the Rattling Creek trails and rated them with IMBA Epic status. I find that interesting, because these trails are not frequented by many other people. First, they are out in remote wilderness. This keeps people out. Second, they are tough, which also keeps people away. Nor do they necessarily follow IMBA guidelines. If they did, they'd dumb down the trails, introduce relative and vague concepts such as flow and lines, slap a rating on it and then a bunch of people will show up. Fortunately, that is unlikely to happen here.

So for those who care not about smooth lines or accommodating all levels of ability; those who ride whatever bike they like to ride regardless of terrain. For those who like finding their own lines, and those who like to get away from all the crap and close to pure unadulterated trail riding, I give you this…

If video above no longer available, click here.

I forgot the names of the fine folks I rode with that day in July 2011, because, well, I just got around to the video now. If they seek, they shall find, and then they will find me. We'll just play it that way. Hopefully I can hook up with them again next year.

Hang Glider launch:
Rattling Creek Trails

It was a little damp in the morning when we started. Careful, or you may end up checking in at the nearest hospital, because slipping on moss and landing on rocks hurts.
Rattling Creek Trails

I can only ride these trails once a year, but so look forward to it.
Rattling Creek Trails

Appropriately named Rattling Creek, as in the rocks will rattle your fillings out and your bike apart.
Rattling Creek Trails

There are some killer technical trails in PA, and the riders here enjoy them that way.
Rattling Creek Trails


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