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Moon Lake Park ~ video ~

(updated: Apr 7, 2012)

Moon Lake Park, as the name suggests, is located on the Moon. To get there, you'll either need a Saturn V rocket, or a Flux Capacitor installed in your vehicle (contrary to popular belief it does not have to be a DeLorean). Then you can simply aim at a brick wall or movie theater full of people, and hit 80 mph before you slam into the aforementioned objects and kill yourself (and possibly others) like an idiot because you listened to another idiot who calls himself Sir Bikes-a-lot and likes to ride bikes.

Moon Lake Park is really in Plymouth Township, PA which is by Wilkes-Barre, PA. But it may as well be on the moon, because it could end up off limits and looking like a moonscape judging by what's going on there. First, the county eliminated all funding for the park. So now everything is falling into disrepair. There are basketball and tennis courts with cracks and weeds growing through. The pool hasn't been used in a couple of years and the concrete is cracking. The bathrooms are all locked. The campgrounds are overgrown with weeds and the pavement is all breaking up. Here is one shot of slowly decaying picnic tables:

Moon Lake Park

This place looks abandoned. Except for folks that come to fish in the lake, ride the trails, or fly model airplanes. The fantastically technical trails are in good shape, however, thanks to local riders. What rumors have been going around in this community of older Americans, where government funded health care is the biggest industry, is that corrupt officials have deliberately cut funding to the park so that it can fall into disrepair and then the broke county can sell it off to a developer or to fracking companies, which are booming in these parts. Then it really will look like a moonscape. It's up to the local mountain bikers to organize and take hold of this place, as the riding is too good to lose. Sometimes I wish that land could be moved, because I would move this park down here in a heartbeat, where it would be used and abused and then eventually dumbed down.

Anyway, enjoy the video where, according to my cousin, only 40% of the trail is rideable.

Next week I am having a contest to guess the name of a trail featured in a video from a recent trip. The winner will receive a nice pair of running sunglasses from BTB Sport Optics. Everyone else who enters will receive a coupon for 30% off. Full details next week.

If video above is no longer available, click here to play.

Moon Lake Park: Now 40% rideable.
Moon Lake Park

This is the trail that wrecked my knees.
Moon Lake Park

Moon Lake Park

Rider: Eric, among a dense thicket of ferns.
Moon Lake Park

This leads from a reservoir to what looked to be an old sawmill. If I had a tube, it would have been a blast to ride this. Mountain bike trails, fishing, flume ride -- it could be a big tourist attraction.
Moon Lake Park

Rider: Nancy, riding on remnants of an old stone wall.
Moon Lake Park

One of my favorite trail features here.
Moon Lake Park

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1. peter said...

your kind of trail...and if it somehow did levitate down here, it would take too much hard labor to dumb it down...for that matter, we can't even get labor to build in the sandy soils here....oh it is....on a different note, fracking....bad. small towns in this economy are having a tough go...sad. kudos to the crew up there toughing it out and keeping it going.

Mar 12, 2012 @ 6:49 AM

2. jamesismith said...

Two parts:
1. You should start your own mountain bike touring company where the attraction is taking wealthy foreigners to decaying american landscapes such as the one depicted in your article above. The trip through Detroit would be more exciting and dangerous than an episode of The Walking Dead coming to life.
2. There are countless people who not only abuse but appreciate the work of folks like yourself who create mountain bike parks and websites to bring us the great outdoors. Still, it is difficult to stomach the "dumbing down" of a work of cycling art from Picasso to paint-by-numbers in terms of challenge.

Mar 13, 2012 @ 8:13 AM

3. ERX said...

To be clear (and in my own meager defense), that 40% comment was made while riding up the muddiest, ugliest part of the long loop, the wrong way (clockwise), with a brand new pair of $150 Pearl Izumi MTB shoes. It brought back bad memories of 24-hour racing at SnowShoe where I ruined at least $500 of equipment, (including a prior pair of my favorite shoes, and a good set of rims) running through a mile of muck-stream which was masquerading as an MTB trail.

The rocky trails here don't let you ride fast and furious like you can at an IMBA park ala Allegrippis or FATS, that's for sure, but instead force you to hone your balance, technical skills, and develop your lung capacity.

It is a great place to ride and one of the best places in NEPA to take a full suspension 29er and test the design and elastic limits of that type of machine.

Apr 19, 2012 @ 8:57 AM


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