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Weekly Update of Riding in Photos and Video, plus Pugsley photos

(updated: Apr 7, 2012)

Did a lot of riding the last week, especially road and beach riding. Weather's been really good, except for the no-see-ums ... the biting gnats seem to be everywhere. The non-winter likely the culprit and may lead to a horrible bug season this year.

I also have a few reader-submitted videos to share.

Soon I will formally announce two rides... The first is the 2012 Annual FAC Ride where you ride 100+ miles on a mountain bike over road, trail, and beach, covering nearly the entire length of New Hanover County. It is a great ride but requires a full day's commitment.

The second ride is a Fat Bike only ride. It will be a part ride, part photo/video session. I'll probably have it at Wrightsville Beach this summer. So those of you with Fat Bikes - I need all of you - the more the better.

From Brunswick Nature Park:

Copperhead. He was sunning himself in the trail and I came upon him so quickly I had no time to react and rolled right over him. Luckily, he just popped his head up but didn't coil up. This isn't the first time I've rolled over one of these.
Copperhead at Brunswick Nature Park

Here are some cell phone photos of the most recent trail work at BNP, the loop that is across the powerlines. The Cape Fear SORBA members have done an amazing job finishing out this loop, and are getting really good at sighting lines and cutting in the trail. Riding it for the first time I had a big smile on my face, and the only problem was it ended too soon - you just wanted it to keep going and going. It will be really fast and I love how this trail is coming out. Fantastic job everyone...

Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

Look at's like F.A.T.S.
Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

There's even a welcome log pile. They won't rip them out here like at Blue Clay, where a particular individual rips them out with fearful gusto.
Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

This was from last Sunday when I took the family hiking at Brunswick Nature Park. Great hiking here also. This is the intermediate loop where the switchback is. Now that this trail is seasoned it is really fast and fun. It reminds me of Ocala if you've ever been there. In fact, this trail was designed after the trails there ... the terrain is very similar.
Trails at Brunswick Nature Park

Now a photo from Wrightsville Beach where I did a short ride on Friday not at low tide. Three miles of it was out of the saddle with the wind in your face on loose, stirred up sand by people playing on the beach all day. It's how I simulate climbing here in the flat coastal plains. It's really good training.

Pusgley rules.
Pugsley rules

This is Topsail Island, where I go often and either pull my son, or the dog, or just myself. To this day, I still have not done the entire island back and forth. It's 50 miles total. Got a day?

Pusgley wuz here? All the things I have to say and all I could come up with was Pugsley rules, and Pugsley wuz here? Lame. While I was riding, I thought of the perfect thing to write in the sand. Then when I finished and set about writing it I completely forgot what it was. "Pugsley will crush your kid's sand castle and run over your yippy dog????" Maybe something like that.
Pugsley wuz here. Topsail Beach.

Rays of sun.
Surf City. Topsail Beach.

If you're not taking advantage of the water, what are you doing living here?
Surf City. Topsail Beach.

Pugsley tracks.
Pugsley tire tracks

More Pugsley photos. I took Turner along on the Trail-a-bike. At one point along the ride, he says to me, "Dad, why does everyone stare at us?". I replied, "Because we're riding a Pugsley."

If you get one, the constant stares is something you'll have to get used to. I can't go on a ride on this bike without someone asking me about it. And as I ride by people are always commenting about it, and I can often hear them. Mostly commonly, it goes something like, "Man, those tires are huge!" or "Those are some big-@s tires." or along similar lines.

Surly Pugsley bike

Big-ass Pugsley tire.
Surly Pugsley 4.0 tire

The derailleur. I replaced the pulleys because the previous ones were ground down to little spikes from all sand. I should have saved them and taken a photo.
Surly Pugsley

I replaced the cassette as well. The sand will destroy your drivetrain in a season.
Pugsley cassette. Surf City. Topsail Beach.

Surly Pugsley.
Surly Pugsley bike

On the way back, I took this photo of some Mammatus Clouds, which appeared to be along the trailing edge of a thunderstorm. They fairly rare and are often associated with severe weather. You can read more about them on this Wiki page if you can deal with the Wikipedia gobbledygook.
Mammatus Clouds. Topsail, NC.

From two weeks ago... If I bring Luna along, I will bring the kid trailer, so when she gets tired, I put her back there and she can rest.
Surly Pugsley pulling trailer with dog

This first video is from Jim Smith, and features him riding his unicycle on the Blue Clay pump track, along with his son, who clears the first table, and then tries to clear the second table. I cannot do it either. I've only seen one person able to do it, and that's the guy who originally built it.

The second video is from Ed, who filmed the log destruction. We knew it wouldn't last, but while it was there, some people learned how to ride logs, and told me that they learned a new skill. This is important, because when you venture out and ride other places you will come across logs. In fact, next week I should have a new video featuring Modoc, which has about 100 log crossing in about a mile. You need to learn how to cross logs. It's an essential mountain bike skill.

The third is from a road/trail ride we did about a month or so ago. I can't remember if we did this before or after the beers.


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1. Chris Clemmons said...

The trails at BNP look great. You guys rock. I am getting ready to come home to Holden Beach for a visit and will bring my mtb with me. How long is the trails total?

Mar 27, 2012 @ 1:02 PM

2. seuss said...

Sweet Pugsley transporter here:

Friend of yours?

Mar 29, 2012 @ 7:43 PM

3. SBA said...

About 7 or so, including the hiking trails.

Don't know that guy, but I am planning a Fatbike ride here in Wilmington pretty soon.

Apr 8, 2012 @ 9:01 PM


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