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Idiot on Pugsley vs Tree: Tree 1, Pugsley 0

(updated: Apr 16, 2012)

This is like the second time in a month that I've crashed on a jump. It's also the second time in a month that I've hit any jumps. My record ain't too good lately. Maybe from age, skills, or the lack of anything technical around here to hone your skills on.

While there was probably a race in just about everything you could think of everywhere you went this weekend, I decided that a ride would be in order, because I am a trendsetter, and riding is the new racing, just like geared bikes are the new singlespeeds, and surfing is the new paddleboarding.

And being the trendsetter, it had to be a ride on the fat bikes. Michael has the Fatback, and I the Pugsley, naturally. So we hit the road, trail, and beach, and then back on the road. We hitched on the back of a few roadies, which is always fun, because here's this huge tire bike coming along, sounding like a truck, and riders tend to do a double-take when they see us. Cat 6 racing is fun. Cat 6 racing when you're on a Pugsley is something else.

At UNCW everything seemed normal except there is some bizarre root chopping going on, where some of the not-yet-chopped roots seem to be getting "prepped" for chopping. Seems like someone has some anger issues, like they tripped up on a root and now all roots are evil. I mean, I hit a freaking tree. Am I now going to go hog wild with a chainsaw or hatchet and start chopping out all the trees? Man, I tell ya, people are strange.

This is Airlie Rd., a beautiful road which has a sign that says that cyclists may use entire lane. Note this will not stop idiots in cars from running you over, however.
Airlie Rd. Wilmington NC

Airlie Rd. Wilmington NC

On our way to UNCW trails we went through Autumn Hall, where we made our way through a wet area by using a nearby ladder.
Wilmington NC

Michael on the UNCW campus trails.
UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

Here is the bizarre root chopping. I say it's someone with anger issues or plain gone crackers, because it looks like someone may be using their bare hands.
Bizarre root chopping at UNCW campus trails

Root being prepped for chopping. Or perhaps they were unable to yank this one out. There were several other cases. We ran into someone with the university, and they are going to report it.
Bizarre root chopping at UNCW campus trails

SBA, unaware of what is going to happen to him very shortly.
UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

SBA on a jump somebody made into the side of a small hill.
UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

Landing not so good.
Jumping the Pugsley. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

Like a charging bull, I head straight into a tree.
Jumping the Pugsley. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

And this is the money shot, right here. The tree is hitting my helmet and shoulder, and note the meat tenderizer pedal already nicely rammed against my shin. I am Danny MacAskill's lesser known cousin, Timmy LackAskill.
Jumping (crashing) the Pugsley. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

Here's a closer look. Michael didn't get any shots after this one, because I think he was running over to see if I was ok. But as I was tumbling to the ground I was trying to tell him to keep shooting, and then uttered the proverbial "Did you get that?"
Pugsley crash. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

All I can say is, thank god for helmets, and flat pedals really focking hurt! I'm sure the tree felt the same way, as it took a beating from my bike as well.

Here's what my shins looked like afterward. I took a Pugsley shin beating. My shin swelled up like an egg. Time for some Vitamin I, as in Ibuprofen.
Pugsley shin beating. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

I hit it a couple more times, but never tried to go as high after that first one.
Jumping the Pugsley. UNCW campus trails, Wilmington NC

Now it was onto Wrightsville Beach. What a beautiful day.

Michael on the Fatback.
Fatback. Wrightsville Beach, NC

We came across this paddle board race, where we ran into some folks we know.
Paddle board race. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Kim from Two Wheeler Dealer trying out the Pugsley. Look at the smile on her face in the next photo. Either you love the Pugsley, or you're wrong.
Pugsley. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Pugsley. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Here is a nice sand drop. Usually these things disappear as the weather warms up. Note I am wearing a bike shirt, because it has a graphic of a bike on the shirt. Shirts with bike images on them are the new cycling jerseys.
Pugsley on sand drop. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Pugsley on sand drop. Wrightsville Beach, NC

And finally, clearing some water.

Pugsley at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Pugsley at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Pugsley at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Nothing like going so fast through water that you don't even get wet.
Pugsley at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Fatback at Wrightsville Beach


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1. Mrs. Bikes said...

I love the water splash pic!

Apr 16, 2012 @ 11:09 AM

2. Jim Smith said...

You did not hit the tree: it jumped in front of you.

Apr 16, 2012 @ 12:29 PM

3. Mrs. Bikes said...

I should add that I DON'T like the goose egg on your leg. It hurts me to even look at it.

Apr 17, 2012 @ 8:03 AM

4. Peter Wigand said...

I've noticed the root chopping is wide spread through out the UNCW trails as well several obstacles have been cut out or moved away. Looks like angry beavers that cant ride around or over what's been there for years is now gone. I wish who ever is doing the chopping would stop and leave the trails alone!

Apr 18, 2012 @ 6:32 PM

5. Michael said...

Actually, I stopped taking pictures because you just rode into a tree head first and I wanted to make sure that the tree was ok!

Apr 19, 2012 @ 12:13 AM

6. Isaac said...

Great photos!

Apr 24, 2012 @ 6:15 PM

7. SirComplainsAlot said...

The beach has too much sand. Makes me itchy. You got helium in them tires?

Apr 24, 2012 @ 9:11 PM

8. reno said...

did they run out of roots at Blue Clay to cut?

Apr 30, 2012 @ 9:06 AM

9. SBA said...

Maybe. But the bizarre root chopping is still going on. I\'m talking large roots too, including digging into the ground around them in order to facilitate removal.

Sadly, this just reaffirms that the Tragedy of the Commons is still firmly in control.

Apr 30, 2012 @ 9:19 AM


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