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Blue Clay Trail Work

(updated: Nov 5, 2006)

Sunday's trail work / ride at Blue Clay was a big success. Steve rented a brush cutter and we cleared about a mile of trail along the back fence in no time. This thing just eats through anything. We also cleared a path under the powerlines and on the other side to connect to the older trails. Thanks to everyone who helped out. We have lots more work to do, but this place is slowly coming together.

Here are the photos:

Steve with the brush cutter: "Say hello to my little friend."

This is my new Bikes At Work trailer getting broken in. It can haul up to 300lbs.

Daniel cutting out a log before Steve comes through with the brush cutter.

The brush cutting making quick work of clearing the trail.

This saved us hours of time.

A bridge from the older trail.

Some of the new trail that now connects to the older trail.

Me under the powerlines coming out of the ditch with the trailer.

Next week we have to put in bridges over the ditches and start riding it to pack it down.


Sir Bikes-a-lot

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1. Sir toots said...

It is obvious that you guys have done a lot of work to get this trail system underway and today was no thank you!

Nov 5, 2006 @ 10:59 PM


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