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River to Sea Bike Ride

(updated: May 6, 2012)

This was the 23rd Annual River to Sea Bike Ride and the second year I've done this ride with the family. It's nice because you can take your family on a ride on the roads and pretty much don't have to worry about anything because it's escorted by police officers and they block intersections. Last year I took then 5 yr old Turner on the Trail-a-bike, but this year he did it on his own for one-way. That's 10 miles, and he did great.

The other thing that was different this year was that there were officers on bikes, now that they have police bikes. Last year they may have been there I don't remember but I do remember officers racing their squad cars ahead to the next intersection and nearly taking riders out.

Once we got to Wrightsville Beach I had to immediately go back to get the car while the family waited. I rode back with Austin because knowing me I might have gotten lost or hit a tree.

Leslie and Turner at the start on a beautiful day in downtown Wilmington, while serious-looking dude in sleeveless T is eyeing someone to "drop" on the ride.
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

Michael (partially cut off), Turner, and Leslie at the start.
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

Mayor Bill Saffo kicking it off. This reminded me that I have plans to start a new blog, called Bike Wilmington, which will be similar to Bike Portland and others and will have articles about what's going on with cycling in Wilmington. It will also be more political and my goal is to have several regular contributors who will report on bike path progress, for example, and contact local politicians running for office to ask them what their position is on cycling in Wilmington. I think it's time Wilmington flexes it's cycling muscle with all the riders out there now. However, my time is very limited so I am looking for someone to take the reigns once I get it set up. Please contact me if interested using the link at the bottom.
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

Getting going on the streets of downtown Wilmington. These are all iPhone photos, btw. I hate crappy photos, but they say the best camera is the one you have with you, and I didn't have my DSLR with me because I didn't want to get dropped.
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

Note there are no Freds on this ride. I invited a Fred, but he didn't show up (literally, I mean his name is actually Fred).
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

Now no self-respecting roadie or anyone that claims to be a "mountain biker" in the flatlands of Wilmywood would ever put aero bars on a mountain bike. And then on top of that have the total lack of fashion sense to attach a cupholder to it. But then you don't understand that to truly appreciate all the area has to offer, there are valid reasons for doing this, which I've stated here (This is the bike you want for riding in Wilmington video). Many people want the ONE BIKE to do it all, but then nobody really wants to be seen riding the end result. Except me. And this is me riding it.

Iced coffee sippy cups are the new FRS Energy drinks ('s what Lance secretly uses):
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

This is Turner, with Leslie in back, and some guy with some huge cable loops coming from his bars. Just off the path is a pile of logs that probably came from Blue Clay, because no place in Wilmington is as log-free as Blue Clay, and they get rid of them faster than you can say, "Hey, there's a log pi...". I would have stopped to ride this pile, but then this was a race where a ride breaks out, so there was no time for foolin'.
River to Sea Ride Wilmington NC

But please, do not say or suggest anything that may offend the county parks, or the club, or anyone else that happens to be on Facebook or a public website. The mere whiff of any new crazy idea or suggestion (or log pile), and we could lose the park. At first, I thought, "Could we actually lose the park?". But then I remembered something that happened back in the 80's, and I realized that's exactly what would happen.

Shut your mouth, the answer is no, or this is what happens:


I consider it likely, after all, Blue Clay was built over an old cemetery.

Anyway, back to the River to Sea Ride. The ride took everyone down some very pretty Wilmington roads:
River to Sea Bike Ride Wilmington NC

This is Will. He is riding a 26" bike that I built for him, the frame of which is Leslie's old Trek 930. We bought two Trek 930s back in 1992, our first mountain bikes. This is the bike that kicked off my professional mountain biking career, of which I have made zero dollars. Let's just say it was a poor career choice. And also, let's just say I am retired now and leave it at that.
River to Sea Bike Ride Wilmington NC

They bunched us up again so that they could get us safety and expeditiously across S. Kerr and S. College. But at first some folks thought that we were stopped because something happened, as in maybe a rider got hurt or runned over. I thought that was silly, but this is Wilmington, and they were cyclists, so it made perfect sense.
River to Sea Bike Ride Wilmington NC
BTW, female cyclists tend to have good calf definition. The guy in the picture knows what I'm talking about.

Destination (or half-way point): Wrightsville Beach Park.
River to Sea Bike Ride Wilmington NC

Now at this point, I can just keep on riding east and hit the beach. Then I can go until I reach the end of the island. Then my do-it-all bike is not so great after all, is it. I guess I need to outfit it with a couple of pontoons.

Here's a good solution:

They are so resourceful in China.


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1. Triki Dick said...

Calf definition, I was looking at her A$$.

Good deal mate, thanks for the post.

Your Benson Buddy..

May 8, 2012 @ 6:17 AM

2. SBA said...

Article in Lumina News:
River to Sea Bike Ride raises bicycle safety awareness and family fun

May 9, 2012 @ 9:34 PM


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