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No update this week - so enjoy this clip

(updated: May 14, 2012)

Or I should say, this is my update for the week. Too busy working and fitting a ride in in the nooks and crannies of the week.

Photo: SBA at Wrightsville Beach from last Wed. We just barely beat the rain after one lap/loop/joyride-up-and-down-the-island/sand-thrashing. Yes that's on the sand - have to clarify for all the strava peeps. No I do not use strava. It's out of control - there are already too many electronic distractions in life. Also, things like this are why: Wrightsville Beach loop on Strava. I don't know if you can see this, but look at the distance and This app is going to kill someone.

But we hit Tower 7 afterward which is always a plus. I'm sure someday people will be strava'ing how fast they can polish off a Tower 7 shrimp burrito.
Pugsley at Wrightsville Beach NC

And how many times has this ever happened to you? This is local rider John's son. I've actually done something similar but on a skateboard pulled by a motorcycle. I suffered a collapsed lung when I hit the concrete. And I was a lot older, just not smarter.


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