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Uwharrie Mountain Bike Trails - a new video by SBA

(updated: Dec 26, 2012)

I was surprised I have lived this long in NC and never ridden these trails. Some of the trails were reworked recently (2011) by IMBA/SORBA and I understand that more trails are planned, with the goal of creating an IMBA ride center here.

This is the Wood Run system of mountain bike trails, which consists of Keyauwee, Wood Run, and Supertree. We put them together to make a big continuous ~12 mile loop of mostly singletrack. It's a lot of fun this way, especially if you go clockwise.

The terrain is super hard packed, such that even in wet weather, these trails should shed water quickly and hold up just fine. It seems different from other North Carolina terrain, which is either sand mixed with clay, or that red clay that gets really nasty when wet. I guess it's because the land is really ancient -- after all, the Uwharrie Mountains are some of the oldest and were once some of the tallest mountains on the planet, peaking at 20,000ft hundreds of millions of years ago. Now the tallest peak is just over 1,000ft. But there's a lot of granite and volcanic rock content of the soil, making it a very firm surface. And while it's no longer considered "the mountains", it's got enough terrain for some great riding.

From Wikipedia: Once entirely cleared for timber and farmland, the mountains were designated a U.S. National Forest in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. The woodlands have since returned, providing a haven for a diversity of wildlife, recreational facilities, and numerous Native American archeological sites.

This seems to make sense because I noticed that much of the hardwoods seemed young. As far as recreational activities, there's hiking, hunting, boating, camping, fishing, horseback riding, and it's big on 4x4 offroading. It's a pretty large forest.

This trip took place in early November, the day Tropical Storm Sandy drenched the coast. But it was ideal weather out at Uwharrie, and a great day to escape Wilmington.

I had my camera and two batteries that I always make sure are charged. However, both were dead at the trailhead. Apparently my computer no longer charges through the USB port. So after the first lap I plugged it into my car lighter adapter and ate lunch. This gave sufficient charge to enable me to record some footage, enough to make a video.



The Uwharrie National Forest Mountain Bike trails near Troy, NC
(now with random cycling facts):

If video above no longer works, click here

Michael on the rock garden at Uwharrie:
Michael on the rock garden

The Tombo Tour bus. They were packed. I think there were 14 riders total. I came separately with Michael.
Tombo tour bus

Steve, with Michael behind:
Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Rider Dave, with Bill ahead:
Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Wear your orange. Hunting takes place in the same area.
Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Fall is the perfect time to go to Uwharrie.
Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

Mountain biking Uwharrie National Forest

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1. McMike said...

looks superfast and superfun....hope to get there sometime soon!

Dec 27, 2012 @ 1:34 PM

2. Josh R said...

Next time you're over this way, should hit me up.
It'd be good to ride with you guys again after all these years.
I'll be hitting up Pisgah area pretty hard this spring.

Keep crankin!

Jan 3, 2013 @ 4:17 PM

3. Fat head said...

Nice factoids and videography. You should be this years CFSorba volunteer DC lobbyist. Represent.

Jan 18, 2013 @ 7:09 AM


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