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Fat biking at night is illegal

(updated: Feb 12, 2013)

Riding a bike at night is fun. Riding a fat bike at night is even more fun. Riding in more than one location at night should be illegal, and it is, if you ride on Wrightsville Beach. Come to think of it, night riding at Blue Clay is not allowed either. Good thing I wasn't at either of those places (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

If I get caught, all this talk about crabon is going to come back and bite me. The prisons are too overcrowded, and since everything is being crabonized, someone will figure why not try this with people. Here is what they will do to you soon after you run a red light on your bike:

SBA in Crabonite:

Michael on the Fatback on the Bleue Claymore trails (note: not safe to ride here):
Michael on the Fatback

SBA on the Pugsley:
SBA on the Pugsley

This one turned out really cool. Looks like I have wings or am a bug. Actually, I'm a fairy. And fairies come out at night to play. And grant wishes and crap.
SBA on the Pugsley

Gotta do a little jumping. Although this rig weighs ~40lbs, so I don't know who's jumping who.
SBA on the Pugsley

If you get caught at night at Brunswick Nature Park they just lock you in.
SBA jumping the Pugsley

I think it may be wise at this point to go to a strict no logo policy.
Michael on the Fatback

What the aero bars are used for:
SBA on the Pugsley with aero bars

Wrightsville Beach at night. Illegal during the day, more illegal at night because it's dark, and also freaks come out at night.
Michael on the Fatback

It's getting late, and the Pugsley is hungry for some crabon. If you're on a crabon bike at this hour, beware. I ride in the wrong direction too.
Pugsley hungry for crabon

We settled for Tower 7.


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