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I've got fat bike on my wetlands

(updated: Apr 4, 2013)

Considering all this rain, I thought it appropriate to post a few pics taken earlier this year of the Pugsley out at Blue Clay. These were all shot under the powerlines, at a time when some of the trails were submerged. You would think that this bike would be perfect for muddy trails, but you'd be wrong. It tends to float on stuff, making it ideal for snow and sand but slippery as heck on mud. It's not a question of the tires either. However, it makes for some great splashing through puddles. Riding through puddles ... we will never grow up.

First, Ed tries the Carbon 9. Meh.
Blue Clay

Then he gets on my Pugsley. That's more like it:
Blue Clay Pugsley

Blue Clay Pugsley

Blue Clay Pugsley

Even better. The coolest thing is in some of the pics you can see reflections of the bike and Ed on the sheet of water thrown up:
Blue Clay Pugsley

Blue Clay Pugsley

He handles that puddle like Moses:
Blue Clay Pugsley

Blue Clay Pugsley

And the occasional slip to keep you honest:
Blue Clay Pugsley

These pics could go in a magazine, but no self-respecting zine is ever going to publish a photo of a fat tire bike with aero bars on it. It would upset the balance of all things bikey, and then what would you have? Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria. That's what.


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