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Going nowhere, but everywhere

(updated: Jul 3, 2013)

The weather is driving me crazy. I cannot make of the bike cycle riding for fear of the river in the sky and the random electrical discharges.

When I make the bike riding in Wilmywood, not getting runned over is one of my primary concerns (besides getting soaked or shocked to death). To that (untimely) end, I use very bright blinky lights, a helmet and gloves, and try to avoid busy roads, like Market St. I also avoid riding at night (you realize this is New Hangover County, or more recently Now Hangupanddrive County, after all). I try maintain my equipment too (if maintaining means looking at your bike and saying, “yeah, it looks ok”).

I will also sometimes break the law and go through a stop sign, red light, or cross mid-street if I have to in order to keep safe. I’m not worried about getting a ticket, ticketing is rare here compared to other cities. But I’m not about to put my life in danger by stopping and then trust that nobody behind me won’t send me to the end of the universe because they’re searching for that cigarette they just dropped. It's just playing the odds ... the odds that most people don't see you or don't care. So I do whatever it takes to survive. After all, it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for the bike cycling or for the scootering in Wilmington. The ironic twist is that the man on the bike who was hit-and-runned by that 23 yr old woman after they were both in line at the convenience store not five minutes earlier, was from Brevard. Brevard!!!! For those of you who haven’t read my earlier post on Brevard (which is everybody), it is the Cycling Capital of the South. Here is the official sign:

Welcome to the cycling capital of the South

So she should know better.

We're glad you're here, because if you were in Wilmington you'd probably be dead by now.

Recently I have been changing my riding techniques, such that I can now keep up with the cars on the road. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. This makes the bike cycling much more safe since you are going the same speed as traffic. You know how I do it? I simply place my bike cycle on my rack that’s attached to the back of my car, and drive it to a place to ride where cars cannot go. Finding a place where cars cannot go is harder than you realize, as idiots in cars will try and drive pretty much anywhere these days. However some places still do exist. They include certain trails in parks, and parts of some beaches. That's about it.

So that’s great, no cars to worry about, but there’s another problem… Whenever I get on the trail and start riding, I ride for a little while, and then I end up in the same place that I started. So then I do it again, and guess what? In a short time, I end up back where I started again. So I do it again. Pretty soon I realize (I’m not that sharp), that it’s the same exact trail each time. Well this sucks. It’d be nice if I could see something different once in a while, or take a different path. So I tried going the opposite way, but I then see all these signs that say Wrong Way or One-way Bike Trail. I’m familiar with one-way roads, but not one-way bike trails. But I don’t want to get a ticket or a lecture. I get enough of those riding my bike around here. The most recent lecture was Sunday when a guy told us that it’s not a good idea to ride bikes on the beach. I hadn’t heard that one before. So now it’s not a good idea to ride bikes on the beach, or the roads. And it’s not a good idea to ride a trail backwards, or in the rain.

Now if I could just get away from here, and go to a place where I could ride for miles without getting run over, lectured, ride the wrong way, or go in circles. Where could that be? Oh yeah, how about DuPont:

DuPont, DuPont, and mo' DuPont:

Here's Turner at six:

This is Stone Mountain Trail. This ends at the peak of Stone Mountain. It's a great trail to bomb down on your bike (I said 'bomb'. The NSA is going to come after me).

Top of Stone Mountain:

The nice thing about this hike is that you can get views of all directions. So you can see DuPont and Pisgah National Forest.

Wild blueberries abound. They should all be ripe now, so I'll be going back and collecting enough to make a pie. I've seriously done this before on a mountain bike ride.

Michael on Big Rock Trail:
Michael on Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Michael on Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Ed on Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Ed on Big Rock Trail, DuPont

SBA. This jersey is like 10 yrs old. Seriously.
SBA on Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Big Rock Trail, DuPont

Wintergreen Falls, DuPont:
Wintergreen Falls, DuPont

We got around. If you ask what trails we rode at DuPont, my answer is "All".


Kid's Bike Trail:




This is a brand new trail: Turkey Knob, which is an extension of Turkey Knob Rd. I would have named it Long Rock because it's located in the Long Rock section of DuPont. Plus it sounds way cooler than Turkey Knob. It's a great trail. Now all you turkey knobs go ride it.
Bridge on Turkey Knob, DuPont


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GPX file. Upload to your GPS. Includes trails: Airstrip, Big Rock, Bridal Veil Falls, Cedar Rock, Corn Mill Shoals, Shoals, Burnt Mtn, Laurel Ridge, Mine Mtn, Reasonover Creek.

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