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New River -- I get itchy just thinking about it

(updated: Aug 20, 2013)

Chiggers ... the state mite of North Carolina. It's super easy to get them. You just go riding in the woods, brushing against some tall grass or weeds along the trail. At that point, hundreds of tiny hungry mites will latch themselves onto you, ascending from the weeds in a mini mite rapture. Then they will crawl into your warm moist parts and bite you, and you will itch like a motherfucker from the next two weeks to two months. Sounds fucking awesome, doesn't it?

Don't forget the ticks, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, poison ivy, horse flies, and everything that is basically trying to kill you. I think chiggers are on the same level of poison ivy. This is why I need to just stay out of the woods during the humid summer months.

But if it's not open during the best time of year to mountain bike, which is Fall, then you just ride in the Winter (muddy), Spring (muddy), and Summer (horrendous heat, humidity, and chiggers).

That's because New River is open from Jan 1 to Sep 1 for trail hiking, running, and biking. The remainder of the year it is closed for hunting. That means you only have a few days left to ride it. Suckers.

The MCAS New River Trail ... technical rooty singletrack with a fun play area in the middle.

The woods here are dark. Really dark. It's slightly unnerving.
New River Trail

A teeter-totter? No fucking way!
New River Trail

A table in the fun play area. It's like the McDonalds Playland of the trail.
New River Trail

Lots of steep chutes and drop-ins to send you flying over jumps. Don't wreck; if you get hurt, best to have your friend haul your ass outta there.
New River Trail

This is where we've been hiding ... just like the ticks and chiggers.
New River Trail

Sorry about all the crappy photos. It's just too dark in these woods for an iPhone.

SBA, John, and John at the new Slainte on the way home:
At Slainte


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1. Trace said...

Love the additional trails. A few years ago it appeared NR was done.

Aug 26, 2013 @ 11:11 AM


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