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UNCW night ride pics...

(updated: Jan 5, 2014)

Only two months left on standard time which means get out and night ride before it's too late. Actually, you can night ride anytime of the year. Just go out at night (there's at least eight or more hours of darkness even on the longest day of the year around these parts). Sometimes I do midnight rides in the summer. But at this time of year during the work week unless I can get out during the day (which is very difficult for me), I HAVE to ride in the dark. But it's a totally awesome experience. The trails look totally different, and sometimes you don't know exactly where you are because you can't see beyond a few feet. And if you really want a memorable experience do a solo night ride in the woods, and at some point during the ride take a break and turn off your light for a minute. You can freak yourself out.

Anyway, here are a few night shots from the UNCW campus trails. They were taken from a GoPro mounted on my chest. I'll finish the video later. This is from a Two Wheeler Dealer night ride from a few weeks ago. They ride Thurs nights at 6pm leaving from the shop.

Heading toward campus with the moon overhead:
uncw campus trails

Through the trees:
uncw campus trails

Through the singletrack:
uncw campus trails

Across the brick skinny:
uncw campus trails

Over the log pile:
uncw campus trails

Through the brush:
uncw campus trails

Group shot:
uncw campus trails


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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.

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