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(updated: Jan 28, 2014)

In 20 degree weather, at night, on the beach, alone. And you might see some things that most people going about their lives will never see. Well, they may. They just won't see them under the conditions that you see them, which is alone, frozen, kinda hungry, and saying to yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?"

Most mid-life adults with careers will finish up a work day and go home and relax, maybe partaking in exercise at the gym, fixing dinner, reading or doing stuff with their kids. What do I do? I go out in freezing weather at night and ride for two hours. Once a weeknight at least.

I may grow old, but I will never grow up.

Here are the results of my journey:

Sunset at Topsail. Not a soul around.
Topsail Island

My ridiculous aero cockpit:
Topsail Island

The constellation of Orion rising above the sea:
Topsail Island

The Pugsley illuminates the path before me. It actually looks kinda like snow. Gotta do your fat bike justice and ride it in the cold.
Topsail Island

Orion rising above the pier:
Topsail Island


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