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Went out on a night mountain biking trip...

(updated: Jan 31, 2014)

"Look, whatever happens, don't fight the mountain."

So I rode the UNCW campus trails with the TWD crew. Yeah, well, it's hundreds of miles from a mountain, but do you see me pedal in the video? No, I'm just using all the stored energy I saved from my last trip to the mountains. So there. Don't argue with the mountain either.

That quote is actually from a hilarious interview with Ben Stiller which never gets old:

Someday, when the trails at UNCW, the last remaining green space in Wilmington, are all paved over and built on, I will be out there, grooming the asphalt. Not really. I don't do grooming. I will be out there with a pick axe, making a new trail of destruction through campus, so I can ride on it like the nutcase that I am. Because, if we lose the woods, what's the point? We're all just the bugs under an overturned rock, scurrying this way and that, rather pointlessly.

And now, the UNCW (aka surf school) campus trails (hey, somebody needs to document this shit before it's gone):


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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.

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