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Henderson Pond -- the video

(updated: Mar 18, 2014)

Firstly, please allow myself to introduce ... myself. I am Sir Bikes-a-lot of the Carolina del Norte, rider of bicycle rapido.

Secondly, if you spend a lot of time riding trails like I do, you may end up dreaming about riding trails. Occasionally this happens with me. Usually the dreams are really cool, like where I'm riding a killer trail with my cousin. The trails are right in town, weaving through heavily wooded neighborhoods, where you can get anywhere through the woods on a bike. It's pretty awesome. But then I wake up and become generally pissed because we don't have anything like that in this town and the thought of trying to convince the leaders of our community of my vision just makes me want to crawl back under the covers and weep softly.

However, then there's those dreams where I'm in a race or just riding, and I get to a steep hill, and I just can't make it up. Everyone else is passing me, and I'm trying to turn the pedals as hard as I can and it's just not happening. I had another one of these a couple of weeks ago, except in my dream I was road riding. I kept ratcheting the pedals because I couldn't make a full circle and was serpentining back and forth to no avail. Meanwhile everyone else was going by me.

Man, what is that about? Good dream or not, I end up frustrated. I feel like I need to go to the mountains and climb for a few hours. Maybe I realize that I'm getting older and no matter what I do it's all downhill from here (not literally, because all downhill would be all awesome). Or maybe why I ride is to try and run away from my problems, and they just keep catching up to me.

So what does this have to do with Henderson Pond? Well for one thing, this is a really fun trail because it has a lot of cool fun tech stuff on it. And to do this fun stuff you have to focus, otherwise you'll be on the ground. When you concentrate on the thing you are doing, you don't think about all your other problems. The stress is out of your mind. It's gone ... at least for the time being. And maybe when you've finished the ride or race, those problems don't seem so daunting anymore. And that's the reason why I like mountain biking, and why I like Henderson Pond in particular.

Ed and I rode here before the race. Most of the tech stuff was taped off for the race, and taped off to me means there must be something good here, I need to investigate. The surprise and my new favorite thing was the log ride. It was really sweet. Must build one in Wilmington on the secret trails.

So I now I present you with a video -- actually two videos. The second one comes from Jerry, and it’s pretty funny so I thought I’d share it. It was filmed the same day, but during the race. Anyway, less dreaming, more riding...


Henderson Pond:

Jerry's video:

And, of course, video stills for the too busy to watch the video crowd.

Ed @ Henderson Pond

Henderson Pond

Awesome wall ride:
Henderson Pond

Really cool rock paver section. I want this in my yard.
Henderson Pond

My favorite, the log ride. The guy that built it was there so we talked to him for a bit:
Henderson Pond

Jump. You can see my bike's shadow.
Henderson Pond

You can clear the entire ramp:
Henderson Pond

And you can ride back up:
Henderson Pond

Stump skinny:
Henderson Pond

Henderson Pond

Now where do I remember something like this? I think it was the Bicycle Post trail.
Henderson Pond

Use of landing ramp is optional:
Henderson Pond

More fun tech stuff along the trail:
Henderson Pond

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