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This man strapped a GoPro to his chest. What happens next is amazing.

(updated: Aug 25, 2014)

Don't you just hate those stupid viral video sites that have been popping up like dandelions on Facebook that start everything they post with something like, "This started as a normal [insert noun here]. But 10 seconds in my jaw was on the floor." Or, "A [insert noun here] [insert verb here]. What happened next is unbelievable."

And then it turns out that it's just another lame or rehashed video, and you wish you had the last five minutes of your life back. Good grief the internet is becoming worse than tv. What a bunch of Google click revenue whores. At least with my videos, I'm not promising you something "amazing", "unbelievable", or "shocking". No, what I promise you is just more of the same old idiot riding a bike down a mountain. And not even a mountain most of the time.

Anyway I discovered an undocumented feature of the GoPro camera … it has the ability to record your heartbeat. Well, at least my loudly complaining ticker. The camera mic is either really sensitive or I’m going to die at any moment.

Actually the trick is to mount the camera in its waterproof case and use the chest mount, which I really like because you can see the front end of your bike in the footage as you watch yourself steer into a tree, for example. The problem with the waterproof case is that the microphone is enclosed in it as well, and the sound quality suffers. External sounds end up being muffled. But on the positive side it can now pick up sound in close proximity or physical contact, such as with the chest mount and the heart beating out of my chest.

So here is a clip of me at UNCW where I was struggling mightily to get up the icy whoops with little tire traction and my heart was near max. I did a little low pass filtering to try and bring out my heartbeat a little better. Kinda freaked me out when I first heard it because it sounded like my heart could explode at any moment like a ticking time bomb.

I can see GoPro making a software modification to record and display your heart rate using the chest mount, no additional hardware required. Maybe I’ll suggest this to them.


(UNCW Campus trails)

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.

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