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Caught on camera: Fatbiking on Wrightsville Beach

(updated: Jul 22, 2014)

We're halfway through Summer now. Peak beach weather. It’s also completely irrational that I like living at the beach. I mean, I’m a mountain biker for Christ’s sake. I don’t even surf. What is it about the ocean that makes you feel land-locked and claustrophobic living inland? If anything, I should be running as far away from the water as possible. The ocean is a ticking time bomb. You have tropical storms and hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis, and now sea level rise. Every so many decades a big storm comes along and things get wiped out. In addition, sharks and jellyfish infest the water. And you can’t drink the water either, it tastes terrible. And then there’s the sand. Sand is totally overrated. It gets everywhere. And if you have kids it’s even worse. Yes … completely irrational.

Sand launch:
SBA @ Wrightsville Beach

Sand wheelie:
Brinker @ Wrightsville Beach

Sand conversation:
Wrightsville Beach

Hands free sand:
Wrightsville Beach

Sand ride gathering:
Wrightsville Beach

Man walking on water, or maybe the Son of God. He could be practicing. You that big gap in the story of Jesus' life? That's what he was doing -- practicing. Walking on water, turning water into wine, etc.
Wrightsville Beach

We were spotted. Photo taken by paparazzi.
Wrightsville Beach


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