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I am Sir Bikes-a-lot and my quest is to seek the Holy Trail

(updated: Oct 21, 2014)

No post in quite some time. But I can assure you, I still ride a bike. Why? Because I like to, yes, but also because it keeps me from killing people.

Seriously though, I realized something today . . . it is now Fall. Holy crap! What happened to Summer? Oh yeah, it rained all Summer. We were robbed! I want Summer back. Do you realize that now I have to travel all the way to Australia in order to get my Summer back? Except that in Australia fat bikers get eaten by sharks. In fact, just about anything in Australia is out to kill you, or so I've heard. So maybe I'll just head to Key West instead.

Actually maybe I'll just hide out in the mountains of Pisgah, where there are now officially more Subarus than squirrels. You might see a bunch of these orange ones around. If so, be careful around them, they are easily spooked.

But you can't really hide out there, either, because one minute you are enjoying some beautiful scenery on killer singletrack, and the next minute a race breaks out and a bunch of riders come racing through in the middle of a weekday. But check it out . . . they've gone full NSA, complete with drones now. So remember, the next time you're in the woods, look up, someone may be watching you.

But this isn't about the woods, it's about beach riding. And photos of beach riding. You probably knew that a picture is worth a thousand words. But did you know that a bike ride is worth a thousand pictures? Yes, that is why every ride must be photographed, Stava'd and documented out-the-wazoo, or else it didn't happen.

So here are some photos of world class beach riding, curated by me, as if it's some sort of art or something.


Pugsley tracks:

Michael @ Topsail Island, NC
Wrightsville Beach

South end of Topsail Island, with the house on Lea-Hutaff Island visible:
Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach

We're on the East Coast, so this is a sunset. This concept is foreign to native Californians and blows their minds.

Fat bike night riding at Wrightsville Beach. Two cyclists with lights looks exactly like an oncoming car. Freaks people out.
Wrightsville Beach

But no, it's just Ed and Michael:
Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach

We never drive to Wrightsville Beach. It's a hassle to drive there. Easier to just ride from Michael's place and make use of the path on Military Cutoff.
Wrightsville Beach Bridge

But there's also Topsail Island. Here you can extend North Carolina's car culture to the beach, by driving on it.

This guy is prepared for anything:
Topsail Island

This is South Topsail. You need a permit to drive here.
Topsail Island

Indoctrinating them into car culture at a young age:
Topsail Island

As you can see, there is no permit of any kind in my cockpit:
Topsail Island

The beach here is nice and wide and firmly packed. Few people. Mostly folks fishing, so had to watch out for fishing lines. And dogs. Got chased by dogs. Technically they were on leashes, but the leashes were like a half a mile long and not attached to anything.
Topsail Island

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1. Mike said...

Sir-Bikes-a-Lot, Where dost thou obtain such a viewing device, that allowith thou to view Lee Isle from the south end of Wrightsville Beach while looking to the south?? Does this meanith the the world is r-r-r-round? Can thy camera filmith the back of thy noggin? That shall be the ultimate selfie...

Oct 15, 2014 @ 7:35 AM

2. SBA said...

Whoa, you're right. I am usually up late when I do post stuff and my brain has long ago shut down for the night. It's been fixed. Now as for my brain ...

Oct 21, 2014 @ 9:09 PM

3. Mike said...

Dang it all. I was hoping the camera really could see that far.

Oct 22, 2014 @ 12:29 PM


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