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I get more technical riding at the beach than the trails around here

(updated: Dec 24, 2014)

If you're like me, you're only regret is that you started biking too late in life. Regardless of age and ability, you like to go out and have fun and try to get better, whether that's how fast you can go, how high or far you can jump, or what is possible to ride on a bike. Unfortunately, the Wilmington area is vertically challenged to say the least. It also lacks natural features such as rocks or boulders that can form steep roll-ins and drops. In fact, I challenge you to find a rock around here that hasn't been brought in from someplace else. I still haven't found any native rocks. But maybe someday ...

Wilmington does have roots. A fair number of them in some places. Roots are often very challenging, especially wet, off-camber roots along a steep slope. And pine straw. Similar to leaves, pine straw teaches you how to recover and maintain control when you suddenly find yourself losing it.

I love the challenges from rocks, roots, drops and jumps. So when the Wrightsville Beach erosion cliff appeared, I was all over it like a 3rd grader at a pinata party. Where do you get to do any drops around here? It's temporary, because it's just sand. But on the plus side, sand is easy to work with and softer to fall on (which I do a lot). You can build features in sand in no time, without any tools if necessary, although a shovel really helps.

So I present you with some shots from Wrightsville Beach over the last couple of weeks.

SBA warming up:

Anyone know the reason for dropping off at a diagonal rather than perpendicular to the drop? It's because if you come straight at the drop, it's difficult to get sufficient speed because of the deeper sand further back. In fact, I crashed yesterday coming straight at it and didn't get enough speed and landed on my front wheel. Going at an angle allows you to stay on the more packed sand and maintain speed.

This is a fairly hard landing. After doing a bunch of these my wrists, neck, and upper back were sore the next day:

There are some natural rollers and lips that you can get some air off of:

The camera's auto white balance was off. Not sure what's going on but it makes for an interesting effect:


I blew the Stan's right out of my wheels from all the drops:




Berm I made:

Some night beach riding:

John, Michael:

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