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Crap we did it again ... the 2016 FAC ride

(updated: Jul 20, 2016)

This is the worst ride you can do around here. It's hot, it's long, and it's hard. It's also the best ride that you can do around here. There are few places where you can ride road, trail, and beach in one ride. In fact, it's sufficiently interesting that it was written up in Wrightsville Beach Magazine this year (boy are they scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story). I'm hoping somebody else will have a lapse in judgment long enough to join us misfits next year.

So to entice you, I'm only going to charge $899 for the ride.

Here's what is included:
A bunch of roads in Wilmington filled with hostile drivers
UNCW campus trails (bonus: spiders, ticks and chiggers)
Ft. Fisher to Bald Head on sand
Dodging fishing poles, dogs, and land whales
Swimming (with Jellyfish)
Bald Head (including secret singletrack on the "island" ... ooooohhh!!)
Chasing golf carts (for closing in on puke threshold)

Here's what's not included:
An appropriate bike
Any help whatsoever
Your dignity

Hey, it's cheaper than those triathlon races, and may or may not take less time to finish. Also, who wants to be in the water with a thousand other people ... it's like being in a flabby-armed spanking machine.

Hey but don't wait ... if anyone from the "island" sees that the riff-raff are coming over, I'm sure by now they're looking into re-opening that inlet again.


2016 FAC Ride from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.

A few photos:

UNCW campus trails:
Bald Head

Bald Head

Bald Head

Bald Head

Bald Head

From the "island" singletrack:
Bald Head

The Fatback:
Bald Head

Group photo at Old Baldy:
Bald Head

John holding huge snake skin we found:
Bald Head

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1. John Brinker said...

Wonderful job on the video, Erol! Maybe we should do it again in the fall. Lunch tastes extra good on Baldhead.

Jul 28, 2016 @ 6:27 AM


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