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I can find a trail but I can't recognize a rapper

(updated: Nov 22, 2016)

The other week I was in Greensboro for my son’s soccer tournament. My son loves to play soccer and run. He never really took to bikes, which is probably a good thing since there’s no money in bikes. After his games I managed to get a ride in. I wanted to go back to Owls Roost since I hadn’t ridden there for like 8 years. I parked at the Burr Mill parking lot by the greenway.

The way I go riding is, I grab my bike and just go. I mean, there's no setup time, no air pressure or equipment checks. Nothing. Just grab the bike and start pedaling like an idiot. Sometimes I forget water, my helmet, food, etc. This time I forgot a jacket or any layers, and so I basically froze the entire ride. I never learn. But dammit I did not turn around, even if I was only 30 sec into the trail! By the way, Greensboro has a fantastic network of greenways that connect its parks together. I mean, with a name like Greensboro how could it not?

Fast, flowy Owls Roost trail

So I started on Owls Roost and then hit the greenway to cross Lake Brandt and then onto the Wild Turkey trails. It is all fast, flowy singletrack which was fun to ride. I met a couple of guys at the end of Wild Turkey and followed them back, but they were too fast. It was their local trail so they were familiar with every turn. I, on the other hand, am no spring chicken, and with my middle-aged beer gut, flat pedals, and squishy 150mm bike, I was no match. I kept them within talking distance, meaning I could barely hear them chatting casually while I heaved and breathed like a stabbing victim trying to keep up. But then they dropped me like an AT&T phone call. Guess I need to ride more.

It spoke to me, it said, "Come get dropped!"

They recommended I ride the fire lane trail at Owls Roost on the way back since it had some fun berms, so I took their advice. It was straight and not too exciting in the beginning but then had some fun sections towards the end. I only had two hours to ride so I just did those two trails and by then the sun was starting to set and it would be dark soon.

A lot of people use the greenway, and it really felt like you were in a forest and not in a city. What a great amenity. I would ride those trails every day before or after work if I lived nearby, like apparently the guys I tried to hang with did.

Crossing Lake Brandt on the Greenway

When I was in the hotel, I was in the elevator with a bunch of people, and then a group got off at the next floor. Then the two drunk girls that were left said that that was Coolio. I thought they were joking. But then come to find out that there was a I Love the 90s rap reunion concert on Saturday with a bunch of groups including Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Salt-N-Pepa, Kid N' Play, and of course, Coolio. And other folks had seen him as well. So I guess I rode in the elevator of the Hilton Garden Inn with Coolio … you know, this guy:

Incidentally I got this image from some website that said his net worth was $100,000 in very broken Engrish. So maybe that's why he was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn instead of the Embassy Suites. Wow, Sir Bikes AND Coolio staying at the same hotel...


Lake Brandt with squishy bike in foreground
Lake Brandt

The Greenway, just before heading onto Wild Turkey singletrack

Owls Roost

Lake Brandt at dusk when I finished riding
Lake Brandt

Map of area trails (PDF):
Map of trails around Lake Brandt

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1. KevinF said...

I think they do that 90's reunion every year. I went to it one time when G105 was hosting it. Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock, Coolio and Young MC were there. Made me realize how old I was.

Nov 23, 2016 @ 8:22 AM


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