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So long, suckers!

(updated: Jan 8, 2017)

I have an announcement to make — I am moving. I am selling all my vast land holdings in Wilmington and purchasing vast land holdings near DuPont. I will henceforth be known as the Sir Bikes-a-lot of DuPont, relinquishing my current title of Sir Bikes-a-lot of Wilmington. Yes, from now on, rather than boring you with photos of the same old beaches, I’ll now bore you with photos of the same old mountains. Beach riding, mountain riding, as long as you’re on a bike it’s all good, right?

Anyway, I’ve curated a video from a bunch of clips of the fat biking and beach riding over the last few years, and I’d like to share it with you. No bikes were harmed in the making of this video. No that’s not true at all ... I broke two carbon fat bikes featured in the video and have been banned from riding carbon bikes altogether.

Seriously, it’s been great watching the bike community grow here in Wilmington, especially seeing people just getting into fat biking now. (Well I waited nine long years -- heck, Surly doesn't even make the Pugsley anymore). Just keep pushing the county because it could be so much better for cycling, except that New Hanover County is completely fucking retarded.

One thing clubs and cycling advocates could do is try to influence who gets elected as a County Commissioner by making an issue out of their stance on cycling, for example (which is probably something along the lines of bicycles are for kids and people shouldn't ride them on roads because it's dangerous). If cycling resonates with enough people it could influence an election. When they can’t ignore it anymore, then you’ve got something. Still, you have an uphill battle in NHC where the planning is about 20 years behind every other metro area in NC, and you’re dealing with retards.

Seriously, take a look at what's happening around you. What have you got to lose? Perhaps the best solution is for the city of Raleigh to just annex us.

I will say this ... when I first moved to Austin, TX, I bought the cheapest bike from a local bike shop, and rode it everywhere because I couldn’t drive and couldn’t afford a car anyway. There were no such thing as bike lanes. I rode in the gutter, got beer cans thrown at me, and so many flats that I gave up and put these heavy solid rubber tires on my bike. Twenty-five years later, Austin has hundreds of bike lanes criss-crossing the city that connect it together. The transformation is incredible. The city spends over a million dollars every year on bike infrastructure. It can be done. It’s not nuclear science. Do not accept any excuses or be trapped by dogma.

I’ll be going back and forth quite a bit for a while, and my mom and sister are still here so I’ll pop up every once in a while. But from now on you’re going to have to put up with boring photos of the mountains.


Fat bike riding - beach riding from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.


Here I am, riding into the sunset:

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1. Jeff LeBlanc said...

I would say "I'll miss you" but I try to get out to Brevard as often as possible, so I'll say "See You SOON" :-) Make sure you let us poor Flatlanders know how to get in touch so we can hook up out there!

Jan 9, 2017 @ 7:36 AM


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