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Filling the Swamp

(updated: Dec 23, 2017)

Fall in Greenville is a lot nicer than Wilmington, NC. There’s a good mix of trees here and the colors really come alive. But what’s really special are the local trails, which look very scenic this time of year (see pics below). It’s a lot better than the monoculture of pine trees found in Wilmington. Pine trees suck. They are always dropping something on you, whether it’s the pollen in the spring, sap in the summer, and needles and pine cones in the Fall and Winter. And of course, don’t forget the occasional large storms where they will just snap and fall on you. Plus unpredictably sliding on pine straw or rolling your tire over a pine cone is always a fun surprise. And if you’ve ever built any trail structures out of pine you’ll learn that the bugs will devour it and it will rot and fall apart within a season or two. Softwoods, pfft. But I’ll still take them over no trees.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy Fall here. And I’ve been enjoying the local trails. I really need to get involved in the local club and do some trail work and maybe get involved with advocacy and getting more bike paths and lanes going. Or maybe just go out one night with some white paint and a roller brush and paint some bike lanes (

Whenever I hear the phrase “We’re not out of the woods yet”, which I’ve been hearing a lot of lately at work, I think to myself, “Why do I want to get out of the woods? I like the woods. I spend a great effort and time to get into the woods. I’m not just gonna walk out.”

Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream, or nightmare really, where I’m with my brother and friends and we’re getting ready to go ride, but we never actually get to ride. It’s all about preparing to ride. We take so long to get ready that it gets dark or starts raining. In one dream we actually made it to the trail but then the sun set and it got dark. Then I wake up. It’s kinda horrifying.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of my local trails in Fall, including the Greenville Swamp Rabbit Trail.


Turner looks non-plussed:

The Falls:

Croft State Park:

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