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Pisgah. Bent Creek. Dupont. So Overrated.

(updated: Nov 18, 2006)

Nov 10 - 12, 2006 -- Nothing to see here. It's just woods. What can you do in the woods?

I'm not going to say any more, and not any more about Brevard, NC, other than it's like my home away from home. I'd let the photos and videos speak for themselves but they do no justice to it either.

For example, as I was coming down Bennett Gap having not ridden the trail for almost exactly one year, I kept thinking how much steeper it was than I remember, and how the videos made it look so flat. I had watched the videos so many times I guess those images eventually overtook the real ones. So when I got to the part I told myself I was going to clean, I was overconfident, and then I couldn't do it.

Just watch this a bunch of times until it's burned in your brain, then we'll go ride it, and you'll see: Bennett Gap Rocks.

Anyway, the weather worked out well for our trip, which consisted of myself, Ed, Mark, and Les. It rained saturday night but was sunny every day. Friday temps were in the 70s. We lucked out because this time of year it can get pretty ugly. But you can ride all year round here. Which is yet another reason why I wish I lived here.

So here's a few pics and videos from our rides. I didn't do any HD filming, just took the digital camera with me.


View from Bennett Gap trail. You can see Looking Glass Rock in the distance. Note the helicopter:

Mark, Les, and Ed on Bennett Gap:

Mark coming down Bennett Gap:

Ed with evil eyes:

Mark is a blur:

Les showing what chainrings can do:

Video clip of Ed on Sycamore at the bottom water crossing:


Les on Ingles Field Gap:


Brad on the El Mariachi 29'er:


Ed on Pine Tree trail:

Near the top of Cedar Rock:

Burnt mtn drop:

Video of Ed on the stairstep section of Burnt Mtn trail:

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.
Park at Fish Hatchery on FS475. Shuttle up FS475B to FS225 to start of Cove Creek. Down Cove Creek to Caney Bottom to Cove Creek group camp area. Up FS475 to Long Branch. Down Long Branch to Butter Gap. Down Butter Gap to parking. Tracks incomplete - missing Butter Gap.


1. Ed said...

That was one fun weekend of riding ,I just wish I had my new Specialized Cross-trail 29 Ner . The climbs would have been way easy-er and funner with a lighter bike ,the bike I rode was over 35 lbs 6 " trevel on both ends fun to bomb down though. Can't wait to go back.

Nov 15, 2006 @ 7:00 PM


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