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(updated: Feb 8, 2011)


5/30/06 -- Update. Uh oh. We knew this was coming... A lot more trail has been wiped out recently by the University to make way for more buildings. This includes some of the best parts of the trail including the whoops section where the small jump was and the fast twisty section towards the end. Gone. Forever.

Sections of the trail still exist. We'll just have to re-route and add trail to make a good loop again. These trails lasted a long time. Some folks had been riding them for more than 10 years. But real estate prices and the population is increasing exponentially so undeveloped land is disappearing faster and faster. All the more reason to get behind the Blue Clay Bike Park proposal.

This was a fun play area that used to exist. It's now plowed
under to make room for an expanding university that doesn't
appreciate what it has in its backyard. Rider: Daniel.

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8/4/05 -- These trails are located right behind the UNCW campus. Trails are sandy and flat. That's two strikes against it. There are no trail markers or signs for which way to go, and there are trails that go everywhere. So if you don't know the way to go, you will strike out and have an awful time and never go here again.

Someone marked the route with pink spray paint. Just follow the marks on the trees. See the trail map below for the route we typically take. We park in the big lot at the back of the campus with the two wooden bridges. The trail starts right next to the wooden bridge.
So how to avoid striking out and have a good time? Send me an email. We have regular group rides, usually Tuesdays. We know the way to go so the trail flows really well, and we ride fast to give the sensation of flying downhill and railing turns. But don't worry, if you're not fast we stick together for the first loop and then do another.

The trails consist of mostly twisty singletrack with fireroads crisscrossing the singletrack. There's about 6 miles of singletrack, with some options so you can get a good ride in. There was more up until about June 2005, when the university started bulldozing land for more buildings. Unfortunately, this trail won't last much longer.

But you can ride it all year round, even in the hot humid Wilmington summers, and we do. You get a good spin here and it actually really helps your conditioning.

I'm thinking about putting in some FR stuff but I'd hate to spend a lot of time on these trails when they're going to be torn up. There's one short precarious skinny over a log, a teeter-totter from hell, some half-rotted log piles to ride over, and a couple of small sandy jumps on the trail. Right at the start there's also a good whoop-dee section along with lots of roots.


It's easy to get to the trails. First, get to the UNCW campus. This part should be easy. Just ask anyone who lives here. Once you're on campus, make your way all the way to the back of campus, as far back as you can go. There's a large parking lot in the back behind some student apartments (see the trail maps below). In between the lot and the apartments are trees and two wooden bridges, one on either end of the lot. The trail starts to the right of the wooden bridge on your right if you're facing the apartments.

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1. Supafly gave it:

I ride here a lot since I live close by; today I found a new section between Walton drive and the rear parking lot that is super rolly(3-6 foot rises) and would flow very nicely with minimal work.

Apr 23, 2014 @ 7:08 PM

2. Karen gave it:

Fun, close by and not too hard at all.

Apr 14, 2012 @ 6:40 PM

3. Question_Convenience gave it:

Hell yeah! Love the site, great info. Moving to Wilmington this fall, good to know what kind of trails are available!


Apr 13, 2011 @ 12:39 PM

4. Joe gave it:

Lots of trails everywhere, easy riding and not nearly as bumpy as blue clay. You can actually sit down on your seat without taking a beating. Fun stuff!

Feb 16, 2008 @ 4:02 PM

5. Sir Bikes gave it:

You'll have a much better time if you go on a group ride, especially if you don't know "the way".

Dec 24, 2006 @ 12:08 AM

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