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Dow Road Trails

(updated: Jan 31, 2008)


2/8/2006 -- These trails are on government property - Sunny Point. Are you seeing a pattern here? As a result, it is illegal to be here. Yep, illegal until they close the base and sell the land to a developer who quickly paves it over and turns it into overpriced condos and a golf course, which would be a crime against humanity. Recently they've been kicking folks out, and they re-bermed the entrances off of the road. So ride/poach at your own risk!

It's a large piece of land, so there's a lot of trails here - at least 6 miles and probably close to 10 miles. More fireroad than singletrack. There's also a fun jump to play on.

Trails are very sandy and some parts include series of speed-sucking dips, making it difficult to pedal. But it's actually great for training. After riding these trails all winter I went to AZ and was able to climb the mountains in the middle chainring the whole time.

In the middle of the trails there are ruins of the old Dow Chemical plant that used to operate here, hence the name, Dow Road. Who knows how much of the area was polluted, but there is a short technical section of brick to ride and a tunnel.

Avoid riding here in the summer due to the heat, tick infestation, and spiders. I rode here recently and got face-fulls of banana spiders which can get as big as your palm and like to build their webs across the trails right at eye level. It's not pretty.

Click the links below for photos, video, and a map of the trail.


The trails are located on the opposite (western) side of Carolina Beach. From Wilmington head down toward Carolina Beach. After you cross Snow's Cut Bridge, turn right at the light just past the shopping center (follow the sign for Carolina Beach State Park). Keep going straight on Dow Rd until you see some ball fields on your left. Turn left just after the last ball field and park here. Trails start across the street (see the map below).

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