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New River Trails

(updated: Jul 19, 2011)

The play area at New River. Rider: Jason.


Trails are now OPEN again, subject to DOD limitations. See rating comment below for details.

2/8/2006 -- These trails are on government property - the New River Marine Corp Air Station off of US-17N just before Jacksonville.

There's about 5 miles of singletrack and a nice play area which includes a 10ft double.

The area may have recently been logged so I don't know the conditions of the trails. I tend to stay away from here in the summer because of the heat, humidity, and bugs.

For some photos and video of the trail, check out the links below.


It's a right turn onto a dirt road off of Hwy 17 heading north to Jacksonville. You'll have to use the GPS coordinates or the map below to find out exactly where to turn. Drive down the dirt road and park in the open area where there's some old covered bleachers. The trail starts across the road from the bleachers.

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Google Earth (.kml) files and GPS eXchange (.gpx) files.

AVERAGE RATING: (7 ratings)

1. Jeff LeBlanc gave it:

Due to the steady efforts of a few Marine Mountain Bikers, New River Trail is once again OPEN! Here are the rules: (PLEASE adhear to the posted signs so we don't lose this trail again)
1. Trail is open from 1 Jan to 31 Aug for running, biking, etc.
2. Trail area is a active HUNTING area from 1 Sept to 1 Jan (Hunting Season) and closed for biking.
3. Trail is open for all DOD personnel (you have a base sticker on your car) and authorized guests.
If you don't have a DOD sticker don't park your car on the trail side of Hwy 17, you will most likely get ticketed. Park accross 17 in Stoney Creek and meet your "Card Carring DOD Sponsor" at the trail head.

Jul 19, 2011 @ 3:04 PM

2. SpeakEasy28 gave it:

The New River Trail is Officially closed. The base has shut it down for what reasons i do not know. I have talked to PMO here on New River and they did state that soon they will stop issuing warnings and just go straight to ticketing. So ride at your own risk.

Mar 29, 2011 @ 5:16 PM

3. joe gave it:

I went to new river to ride this morning and it seams that someone has taken a sledgehammer to all the bridges along the trail. I have not heard anything as far as it closing down or not being able to use the tail. I am stationed on Camp Lejuene and i know that the brig trail has been destoryed due to new roads and consturction on base. Has anyone else heard or know of anything that is going on with the new river trail.

Mar 19, 2011 @ 2:00 PM

4. Casual Rider gave it:

Tried this trail on a whim seeing as Blue Clay was rained out and I knew I'd mess up my favorite track. While a little out of the way for a Wilmington resident used to traveling only ten miles to BC, it's a good change of pace against the trails that I know well. I found out later it's said that the area is closed for the hunting season and while I did encounter one hunter, he said that the side we were riding was off-limits for him and we had no desire to be on the side he was so all was well in the hunter-biker cosmos.

We were two active duty persons with military-tags and sticker, didn't know that a range pass was required but did not see any MP, Ranger, or the like in the 2 hours we were there.

The trails were swamped in areas and quite well-packed in others, just dependent on elevation/drainage issues. I like some mud in the right occasion so the puddles enhanced the fun while I knew I wasn't doing much damage and the tracks could be filled in easily by the deer that would probably be in the area soon. Much wind and rainfall had made some areas difficult to distinguish direction due to pine straw and downed trees but I liked it, made it a little more natural than a straight line ride. Plenty of fast-paced flatland, followed by a few up-hill down-hills, then it rolls to technical jumps, ramps, and a few other man-made aspects. The big jump section gets too crazy for me, but it was empty out there save for my buddy and I so I liked it.

Plenty of signage denoted correct traffic pattern, although plenty of choices made it easy to not re-do anything you didn't like or recognize an area and get to enjoy the same jump or roller. Overall it's a great area, and with some work (anyone willing to have a "fix the trail" day?) it would be great. Reminds me of the trails when I was a kid, and that's probably why I like it. It's not club-maintained to perfection, but it's not so wild that you just roam and go. It seems like it's been there forever and it still gets ridden at least once every three days or so by -someone- who knows how to have fun. Nothing's beaten up, nothing's over the top, just the way it should be, but still a little room for improvement.

I'm sure everyone would have a different view of it, and I'm sure my opinion would improve if I was out a second time with more knowledge of the track, on a dry day. I'd go back if someone told me they were going, if Blue Clay were closed, or my riding buddy wasn't up for a ride. It's a great second-choice for me, mostly because of distance. If I lived further north I'd probably like it more, if BC didn't exist I'd like it more too. Nothing wrong with it, but even less is worse with my old favorite.

Dec 9, 2009 @ 10:05 PM

5. mcflynn gave it:

hey so how do i get to these trails? i am new to the area and looking to ride some dirt.

Mar 17, 2009 @ 6:11 PM

6. Ironhorse gave it:

Lots of work has been done to the trails and they are ridden daily by the guys from the airstation. Of the "four quads" that the trail is made up of the last contains the dirt jump area where the most work has been done. The map on here doesn't do the trail justice. There is another segment of the trail that is in the North West portion of the map. Some roots through the trails, but those are being worked on as well. Overall a great ride that is pretty well marked and not overly difficult.

Mar 11, 2009 @ 7:14 PM

7. Sir Lamm-Hammer gave it:

i went to jacksonville today and Jeff LeBlank from Down East Cyclist said that the new river play area had some new work done to it so i went to check it out. i found a nice big gully with a number of roll ins and a few sets of doubles ranging from 3-5 feet high. there are a couple of vert hips and some man made and natural drops. over all, for this area there is some cool stuff there. if you are into dirt jumping or BMX you would have fun out here i promise. i would like to see if i could find out who is working on the stuff out there and maybe get in on it. PEACE OUT 9-29-07 p.s. i did not check out the XC trails, i did not have a bike, but they are there and have not been logged

Sep 29, 2007 @ 9:18 PM

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