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Blue Clay Ate My Derailleur

(updated: Jan 13, 2007)

Went for a quick ride at Blue Clay today. Well, it was a quick ride, until an innocent looking stick pounced on my bike and ripped my derailleur off with such swiftness and efficiency that I didn't even have time to react. One second I was just riding along and the next I was just standing there looking at it dangling below the axle like some torn appendage held only by skin and a ligament or two, dripping mud like blood. "I can fix this," I said to myself. I quickly rummaged through my pack looking for a spare hanger as if to stop the bleeding. But try as I might I couldn't separate the remaining piece of hanger from the derailleur. It was dead, and a walk out of the trail for me.

As if reacting in sympathy to the pain my front brake stopped working. I could pull the lever all the way to the bar and keep rolling. Strange. "What the hell is going on?" I thought to myself.

Perhaps the 5-spot is jealous of the new 29er being ridden by my brother; maybe because I don't ride it much anymore. Perhaps it's Karma. Some folks even say bikes have souls. I don't presume to know much about that sort of stuff nor believe it, so it's probably just dumb luck.

By the way, the trails are still very wet, and will probably stay this way for a while because the water levels are high, and more rain is expected this week.

Washed and prep'd for surgery:

Total carnage:

SRAM X.0 derailleur cage - bent
Derailleur pulley - cracked
Derailleur tension screw - broken
Derailleur L limit scriew - broken
Derailleur hangar - torn in half
Chain - twisted links
Wheel - bent spokes, out of true

One small stick did all that.

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1. Tmangiacapre said...

I recently had a simular experiance... I took a few of my friends out on the trail a couple weekends ago... and well, sure enough blue clay victimized two of their rear derailers too!!! Although I guess it wasn't such a bad thing... a week later they went to TWO WHEELER and Traded their outdated bikes in for new ones!!

Feb 14, 2007 @ 6:10 PM


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