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New Addition

Apr 13, 2005 -- Yeah so I bought a road bike. Well, I haven't actually paid for it yet, even though I've had it for nearly a week now. This is one laid-back bike shop. I have to say I'm liking it so far. This bike is so comfortable I feel like I can ride it all day. It's one of the new Trek Pilots, which are designed to be more comfortable by sitting the rider a little more upright while remaining fast. This works good for me coming from a trailbike setup. Nothing fancy, but it still looks bling. I love the look of the brushed Aluminum.

It's actually quite hard to wheelie this bike. Also, bunny hops are more challenging too. Did I mention I haven't paid for it yet?

So it's what I'll primarily be riding this summer when it's too hot and humid to ride in the woods, and there's too many mosquitos, ticks, horse flies, poison ivy, standing water and other nasties to deal with.

When it's time to do my taxes again next year, I'm entering this as a Low Emissions Vehicle so I can get the LEV credit and money back from the government for my wise purchase.

My first mountain bike
Trek Pilot: Comfortable and fast. Best of all, not too expensive for a performance road bike.

This one's joining the others on the wall o' luv.