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Pisgah Trip

May 19-21, 2006 -- This was my first time to this part of Pisgah, and the riding is off-the-hook I tells ya. So many great downhills. Long, steep, technical. Check out the video clips. The riding here is some of the best in the country. I mean, it's as good as anything in CA, UT, CO. Just different. Complementary, let's say. There's a lot of varied types of trails here too, so you get a little of everything, which is why I think Pisgah is my favorite place of all.

My 6 inch travel bike got worked by the terrain. It just felt like the perfect bike for it. Man I love my Turner 6-Pack. I blew a seal in my 66SL fork, though, which is causing oil to flow into the negative air chamber reducing the travel. Oh well, have to send it back.

But the Cane Creek Double Barrel shock was flawless. Once you have it set up right, it just disappears beneath you. Coil is still more reliable and better performing than air.

So take a look at the movie clips and drop me an email to let me know what you think. An email link is at the bottom of the page. Also, if you want a widescreen DVD containing 73min of the downhill trails you see here and others, paypal $10 to sirbikesalot @ specifying Pisgah0506 DVD and I'll send you a copy.

All of the video was filmed in widescreen HD format with a large camera strapped directly to my helmet. There's no better way. For the clips I've used Quicktime 7 for the best possible web video experience so you'll need that to watch them.

Oh, and by the way, the Bush Administration is trying to sell this part of Pisgah National Forest to pay for rural schools. We believe this is a short-sighted solution and if you agree please write your congressperson and state senators to tell them you don't agree with this proposal.

Now onto the video clips...

Order the full-length DVD (73min). $10 + $1 shipping:

Just right click to download. This is a pretty steep trail. Rider: Logan. [0'54. 10 MB].

This downhill goes on for more than 15 min and has jumps all the way down. Lots of rocks, too. Upper part. [1'54. 25 MB]

More of the same trail. Middle section. We are so not having a good time. Riders: Tom, Dan, Logan. [3'12. 43 MB].

Still more of the same trail. Lower section. We were going over 30mph. Yawn. You should stay home. [3'39. 48 MB]

Got a pinch flat here. Fixed it but the next day the tire exploded on me. Sounded like a gunshot. There was a 4" tear in my sidewall.
[1'01. 12 MB]

The Mountain Laurel was in bloom. So they tell me. [1'31. 20 MB]

I may post some more clips later, that is if I have any bandwidth left after this.