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Southeastern North Carolina MTB Trails

Currently, all trails in the Wilmington area are unsanctioned, meaning there are no legal places to mountain bike, and there are very few places to ride off-road to begin with. Being a flat coastal area doesn't help either. Most folks who ride stick to the road and triathlons are popular here also. However, a few diehard local mountain bikers such as myself have joined with the Cape Fear Cyclists to form the off-road division of the club. We are working with local officials to establish official parks and trails. This is going to take some time. Wilmington is growing fast and available land is increasingly scarce.

If you are new or thinking about moving to the Wilmington area, or are vacationing or visiting, and would like to check out what the riding is like, check out the trails listed here or shoot me an email and we'll take you on a group ride. You can also sign up to receive ride emails. Click on Email Signup and fill out your name and email address. Also check out the sirbikesalot forum for more local mtb info.

Also, if you live in Wilmington, please also consider joining the Cape Fear Cyclists. The more members the club has, the more leverage we will have in transforming Wilmington into a more bicycle friendly environment.

Please click on the link below for local trail info.


-Sir Bikes-a-lot


Note: Wilmington trails do not look like this. At all. If this is your expectation, you may be rather disappointed.

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